Summer Sports Medicine Summit

For the first time, an Israeli orthopedic surgeon participated in the Sports Medicine Summit organized by Healthpoint Hospital in Abu Dhabi, UAE on 03 of July.

Dr. Shaul Beyth, Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon from Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem addressed to the colleagues the topic discussion: ”Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement for Degenerative Shoulder”. To a certain extent it’s an encouraging beginning when UAE and Israeli doctors are able to share and exchange their expertise.

This year’s edition has been divided into three sessions focusing on shoulder, knee, ankle and foot, highlighting diagnosing, prevention, treatment, surgery and rehabilitation.

The first session titled “Degenerative Shoulder: Rehabilitation vs. Surgery” , CME Category 2 accredited interactively gathered sports medicine doctors, orthopedic physicians, physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians, physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, primary care physicians from UAE, Italy, Belgium and this year – Israel.

This event opens up new opportunities for collaborations and attracting doctors to International Center of Excellence for the regular scientific seminars, the educational programs and medical technologies from Israel. It`s one of the main goal of MedCurator company, which is set to be an expert medical representative hub of Health-Plus in the UAE.

Health-Plus – International marketing arm of Hadassah University Hospital is looking forward for the future session of virtual Sports Medicine Summit 2021 with Healthpoint hospital and absolutely sure that the best healthcare outcomes will achieved when professionals work together.



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