Health Plus International Marketing Arm of Hadassah University Hospital Provides Its Clients With Unique, Highest Quality Medicines

Since 2010, Health Plus IMA has been delivering drugs to its patients who have undergone treatment at the Hadassah clinic in Israel. As of now, we can provide patients with medicines in their home country with the option of paying online.

If the patient needs a medication, which is hardly available in stores or impossible to purchase on the territory of the CIS, our courier will promptly deliver it to the location as required, including the patient’s home address or a hospital.

Our company maintains partnerships with numerous manufacturers and suppliers of pharmaceutical products in Israel and abroad. These activities are supervised by Israel’s Ministry of Health, and, therefore, the sale of drugs is carried out at a fixed price without any additional surcharges.

Besides that, we offer a wide range of products approved by Israel’s Ministry of Health. Most often, our patients come to us to obtain drugs for cancer treatment; medicines relieving the side effects of chemotherapy; neurological drugs; medications of other groups. If the patient does not have the required prescription, our doctor will prescribe it, having previously checked whether there are indications for a particular medicine.

Our medical specialist writes an Israeli prescription based on the patient’s epicrisis and the advice of a doctor from Russia or any other CIS member country.

Please, note that prescriptions from the CIS are not authorized in Israel. Our doctor will find an Israeli equivalent based on your needs.



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