Outcomes of Participation in Arab Health 2021 Exhibition in the UAE, Dubai

During June 21-24, the UAE’s key business hub of Dubai, hosted an in-person international medical exhibition and conference, dubbed Arab Health, which ranks first in the Middle East and second worldwide. The event represents a great opportunity to enter the Middle East healthcare market, with official delegations from most countries of the world and the region itself, including Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Iran, and Iraq, attending the exhibition.

The exhibition annually brings together around 97,000 visitors from all over the world. Referring to 2020 statistics, over 55,000 people from 159 states have visited the event and more than 4,250 firms from 64 countries have participated in the Arab Health conference.

A team of Health-Plus – the international marketing arm of Hadassah University Hospital (Israel) and MedCurator (UAE) – had the good fortune to simultaneously become part of the Arab Health conference among the first companies, who represent Israeli medicine in the UAE following the Abraham Accords, a landmark agreement between the UAE and Israel on the complete normalization of ties concluded in September 2020.

Over the past years, Israel has emerged as a powerful medical and digital harbor in the Middle East. In its turn, Health-Plus has been the Approved Representative for referring patients to Hadassah and the medical facilitator with established agreements with leading hospitals in Israel, best medical centers and clinics in Cyprus, Greece, Russia, Germany, Ukraine, France, and Turkey. Besides that, the company has expertise specifically related to the areas of digital marketing and business promotion for medical tourism purposes.

The Arab Health congress has comprised several types of interaction between participants and visitors, including written exchanges, offline meetings at the Health-Plus booth and online conferences with the participation of healthcare professionals. Dr. Тatiana Zhelninova, the Health-Plus medical director and the managing partner of MedCurator (UAE), addressed a live speech dedicated to standards and protocols of telemedicine consultations during the COVID-19 era, as well as to innovative healthcare technologies and smart medical devices.

Meanwhile, Prof. Safadi Rifaat, Director of Liver Unit at the Institute of Gastroenterology and Liver Diseases at Hadassah University Hospital and the chairman of the Israeli Society for Liver Research, also participated online in the series of conferences, dedicated to Gastrointestinal, Hepato-pancreato-biliary surgery, and delivered a speech on liver diseases during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Among the main goals, Health-Plus is looking forward to developing long-term strategic alliances in the Emirati medical sector in a bid to introduce and provide outstanding medical practices and technologies to the patients in the UAE. Our network of hospitals covers all areas of specializations, with oncology, hematological oncology, cardiology, cardiosurgery, neurosurgery, rare genetic diseases, pediatrics, and a bone marrow transplant being among them.

As of today, we are negotiating with the Gulf country’s leading hospitals, government authorities, charity foundations, as well as with the ICRC and Centers of Excellence. During the Arab Health exhibition, our team gained contacts of over 300 companies, which are involved in the healthcare and medicine field. Among those visitors were representatives of the Scandinavian countries, Kuwait, India, France, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, the Baltic states (Latvia) and the African ones.

MedCurator (UAE), which is set to be an expert medical representative hub of Health-Plus in the UAE and scheduled to be opened soon, will operate in the field of medical tourism and referral, postgraduate medical education, as well as will organize events with the aim to share experiences in multiple disciplines and arrange visits to the UAE for Israel’s medical doctors to share and spread their expertise in the UAE and vice versa.



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