In the Orthopedics Department of our network’s hospitals, more than 92% of patients experience complete restoration of mobility or find relief from pain. This outstanding success rate is a testament to the exceptional expertise of our orthopedic specialists and the advanced treatment modalities available within our network.

These results have been achieved by a combination of the highest level of doctors’ skills and the application of the most advanced tools in orthopaedic surgery.

Each year, dozens of spine and joint surgeries that are considered unique and pioneering are performed. Many of these procedures can only be found in a select few medical centers worldwide, underscoring our commitment to offering cutting-edge treatments and pushing the boundaries of medical innovation.

The specialists of orthopaedic department have achieved great success in the treatment of intervertebral hernias, scoliosis, sports injuries and other diseases, they brilliantly remove benign and malignant tumors and correct congenital defects.

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Anna_Gutenderg Anna Gutenberg